How To Request a Volleyball Captains Account

Here are the instructions for requesting a volleyball website account. You should only do this if you are the captain of a team in the Census Co-Ed Volleyball League. Players do not need accounts.

  1. Click here to request a new account.
  2. Fill in the following and then click "Create new account":
    • User name - please make this your first and last name with a space between them (for example, John Doe is an acceptable user name and john.c.doe & doe00035 are not). The account manager is very particular about this and will change it to this format if you do not set it this way. Nicknames are okay.
    • E-mail address - put your census e-mail in here. The only e-mail you'll ever get from this website is about setting up your account
    • Select "Volleyball" from the clubs list
    • Fill in the CAPTCHA at the bottom
    • Click on "Create new account"
  3. You will receive an e-mail that your account request was submitted. It might be an hour before you see it, though, so be patient.
    • The website sometimes fails to send e-mail, and instead shows you an error that the e-mail could not be sent. It's okay if you get this error - your account request was still submitted.
  4. Forward this e-mail to Sandy Peterson to say you've submitted this request. We do not check the accounts regularly and won't know you requested one until you send this e-mail.
    • If the website can't send you an e-mail, just e-mail Sandy your Username and the approximate date/time you submitted the request.
  5. The website (or Sandy) will send you an e-mail when your account has been created. Then you get to set your own password for the account.