Census Volleyball League

The Census Co-ed Volleyball League is a CBWRA league and all CBWRA members are eligible to join. Each team must consist of 6 players, at least 3 of which are female. All games are played at Athletic Republic in District Heights. We play Tuesday nights at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30. The season normally starts mid-October and runs through February (later if there are snow cancellations). All teams make the playoffs which are played over two weeks.

2021 Planning
Even though most people will not be working from the Suitland Federal Center this fall, we are still hoping to have a 2021-2022 Volleyball season. We are not sure yet if we will have set teams like usual or just play pick-up games every week. If you are interested in playing this fall, click here to sign up as a free agent (link only works within SFC firewall) and someone will contact you when the league starts forming.

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