New Team Info

Thank you for your interest in the Census Co-ed Volleyball League. This page presents everything you should need to know to start and run a team in the league. For an overview of the league in general, please refer to the League Info page.

League Meeting
The first thing you should do is contact Sandy Peterson ( or x36910) to let us know you are interested in starting a new team. If you are a couple players short of a full roster, we could potentially provide you with players from the free agent list. Sandy will also add you to the invite list for our pre-season captains meeting. This is where teams pay their dues, provide team rosters, and we discuss the coming season and what kind of schedule the teams would like. All meetings are held in the Census HQ building from 12pm to 1pm.

Team Roster
Before the season begins, every team must submit a team roster with at least 6 players. When making a team roster, keep the following in mind:

  • All players on your roster must have current CBWRA numbers.
  • Each game, your team should consist of 3 men and 3 women.
  • You may have as many people on your roster as you like, provided you have at least 6 and at least 3 of them are women. Many teams have 8-10 players on their rosters to allow for schedule conflicts and still have a full 6 players on the court.
  • If you cannot get 6 players out for a certain game, the league allows you to borrow players from other teams.
  • The league provides all teams with a list of players who are looking to join a team. Once you talk to Sandy, you will also have access to this list and can pick up more players if needed.

Team Equipment
The league location provides volleyballs and nets for all our games. If desired, you may bring your own balls for warm-ups. All players must wear tennis shoes while on the court.

Team Dues
Team dues are determined at the beginning of each season, and cover the cost of court rental and referee payments. Team dues are paid in two installations: 1) 10% deposit in July to reserve the courts in advance, and 2) remaining balance paid at or before the pre-season meeting in September. Team dues are usually around $520. Before the season, you should collect enough money from your team members to cover this cost.

Season Responsibilities
For every game in the season, you (or someone else on your team) are responsible for the following:

  1. Make sure enough players will show up on time. You need 6 (with at least 3 women and 1 man) for a full team, but can play with as few as 4 (w/ 2 women). You play with a hole for each missing player, and that hole is an automatic point for the other team when up to serve.
  2. Before each game (we play up to 3 each night), write a line-up on the score sheet provided by the referee.
  3. If you are the home team, report the game score on this website the following day.

If you have any more questions on starting a team in the Census Co-ed Volleyball League, please contact Sandy Peterson. She's a pretty friendly person and would love to have your team in our league. Thanks again for your interest in the league.